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Skin Cancer Article

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Picturing Pictures Skin Cancer

from: Skin Care Adviser

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, which is exposed extensively to the harsh environment when you go about your daily duties.

Excessive exposure to sunlight and its dangerous UV rays can give rise to skin cancer which is a treatable form of cancer if detected and treated in its early stage.

So any blemishes, scars, sunspots and mild changes in pigmentation have to be taken seriously and shown to a physician or dermatologist as soon as possible. Sometimes you may be apprehensive to show these scars to the doctor, because you are not sure if you are actually suffering from skin cancer.

So the best thing you should do to clear your doubts is to have a look at some pictures skin cancer.

On looking at pictures skin cancer found in the many photo galleries, you get an idea of what skin cancer looks like in different parts of the body. This idea of looking at these pictures indicates that you are being proactive in your healthcare, and are endeavoring to become an active participant in understanding the physical properties of skin cancer.

You will at least have a general idea of what skin cancer looks like. With this information, you will find yourself more comfortable in the company of your doctor and will be able to clear doubts and get any of your queries answered.

Don’t think that the information you receive through pictures skin cancer is a substitute for medical advice, it is just a means of making you familiar with the appearance of different kinds of skin cancer and to make you ready to face the situation.

On looking at pictures skin cancer, you are sure to find differences in the photos, depending on the stage and severity of cancer. When attacking different parts of the body, you learn that skin cancer manifests itself in different manners.

With pictures skin cancer you learn more about the two types of skin cancer; melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer. The melanoma skin cancer is cancer that is located in cells responsible for pigmentation while non-melanoma skin cancer occurs in the basal and squamous cells of the skin.

Pictures skin cancer of the non-melanoma type, basal cell carcinoma, may include a small pink spot that looks like an acne scar while pictures of squamous cell carcinoma may have some texture and look yellow in color.

Pictures of melanoma may depict changes in size or appearance of moles or the darkening of a pigmented area of the skin.